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Reach New Heights

Growing your business with professional social media management is of utmost importance. Your social media marketing is the front door to your business, a front door that reaches thousands of people every day.

Save Precious Time

Focus more on your every day business by letting our team of experts take care of your social media marketing. After all, time is money! Our experts do all of the hard work for you. Be safe in the knowledge that your brand is in the best possible hands.

Let The Experts Handle It

SMH have a proven track record of getting the best results possible from our client’s social media campaigns. We have the knowledge to quickly grow your follower base, engage your  audience and get more sales or inquiries.

In Depth Consultation

We offer an in depth Skype consultation before we begin any social media marketing. It is important that we know exactly what you want from your social campaigns.

Trusted Experts

Our large list of clients trust us with their social media presences. From small fashion boutiques – to large scaffolding companies. We know how to make the most out of your business on social media!

Engaging Posts

At SMH, we pride ourselves on the quality of our posts. All of your social media updates will be word perfect and tailored to maximize audience engagement.

Be Discovered The Right People

At Social Media Helpers, we realise how important it is for your business to build connections. That is why we use you social media channels to build relationships with key influencers in your niche. Be found by the right audience on social media to grow your business.

What our clients say…


“Social Media Helpers have handled our Twitter and Facebook accounts for our shoe business for 6 months now. They found out exactly what we wanted,  built up our social audience and the posts are always spot on. I am delighted with their affordable service. Conversions and social referral traffic on the website have gone up and up since using them. Thanks team!”

ViviOwner of Twinkle Tease

“We were looking for both help with SEO and Social Media. SMH provided both for us. We now rank number one for Mobile Tyres Birmingham and have new inquiries every day. Tyres are not the most interesting subject, but Social Media Helpers have made our social accounts active and engaging. Couldn’t be happier with the results.”

KarenCEO of ASAP Services

Our social media marketing packages start from just £200 per month.

Why Social Media Helpers?

Sick of overpriced social media agencies? Us too! Our social media management packages are hard to beat. We provide expert levels of social media at the most affordable prices. No matter what your business requirements, Social Media Helpers will have a package to suit you.

Satisfaction rate

At Social Media Helpers we think getting the most out of social media management requires three key elements: Communication, strategy and creativity! Our team works with your business to get the results you desire. Whether that is more followers, increased engagement and to raise your conversion rates.

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